I have been close to many teachers in my life. Firstly, my mother, who taught middle school for over 20 years; 5 aunts and several close friends make up the brain trust of teacher that I know. One thing I have no doubt of is the hard work and preparation required. I’ve been on several […]

memosnag launches its latest version of its Android application – 1.0.8

Because you love your family, but hate shopping. memosnag can help you keep things organized.

Silicon Prairie News | by Christine McGuigan On Christmas Eve of 2015, Kim Perkins was helping to unpack a moving truck that had just brought her family from California to Omaha. Perkins and her husband, Lorenzo Staunovo Polacco, moved to the Midwest in the heart of winter to pursue their tech careers in the Silicon […]

The Observer | By Alexa Jaccarino If you’re anything like me, you have a Tumblr to keep images that you like, but don’t really have anything to do with. You use the Pocket app to keep a feed of articles you want to read (eventually). You have a Google doc shared with friends to list […]

Last year at this time I was planning my daughter’s first birthday party. I felt like I’d waited decades for this event and I was going to get it right. I had been planning for a couple months. Using memosnag, I started by snagging the look I wanted for the party. It was going to […]

So you’ve gotten past the first few days of school. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve made some new friends, figured out how to work your new schedule, and are starting to get into the groove of things. But here come the term papers and group projects. Not to mention the tests. Sigh … Here are 5 tips […]

The concept of memosnag is that your online research process is flawed and can be improved. But are you really a failure if you have 20+ tabs open on your browser? This is what my Chrome window looks like right now, inclusive of the blog I’m writing right now. You might ask – why would […]

When my husband came up for the idea of memosnag and began working on building the product about two years ago, I 1) didn’t imagine that I’d be building memosnag the company two years later as CEO and 2) didn’t really know how I would use it. I was pregnant at the time and frankly […]

Brenden is a university student studying Health Administration. After watching his grandfather struggle through cancer when Brenden was fifteen years old, his goal became to research the negative aspects of our nation’s health care and find new, innovative ways to improve them. But with research comes plenty of papers and plenty of clutter: website links, […]

“complete and transparent information empowers people to make better decisions for themselves” There are some interesting debates on social media between people with different believes around the role of government in the economy. At the extremes there are those who think that the government should control wealth distribution and consequently the core of economic decisions impacting our everyday lives, and those […]

Corporate relocation clients are a lucrative but demanding niche of the real estate industry. See how a realtor makes his clients happy by using a free app.

With so little trust for mainstream media and the clear understanding that one must access news from multiple sources in order to get a decently accurate view of the events, memosnag created a crowd-sourced news feed in its surf page that gets articles from a variety of sources from allover the world and even allows users to contribute with their own content or by sharing articles, blogs and videos of their liking.

As the internet and various online tools make it easier to produce quality school projects and research, some question “has technology made school too effortless for today’s students, compared to what was expected of older generations?” CAMBRIDGE – As colleges admission requirements become more and more demanding, students across the world have discovered tools that help […]

“…almost two out of three people receive a Christmas gift they do not like…” Over the next few weeks about 2 billion people celebrating Christmas around the world will buy gifts for their partners, family members, friends and colleagues. In addition to being expensive, Christmas shopping is also stressful for all those people who, like […]