This free app just made everything about being a student easier

Brenden is a university student studying Health Administration.

After watching his grandfather struggle through cancer when Brenden was fifteen years old, his goal became to research the negative aspects of our nation’s health care and find new, innovative ways to improve them.

But with research comes plenty of papers and plenty of clutter: website links, news articles, published journals, videos, pictures, links.

American university students spend an average of 3.5 hours daily studying according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Study from December 2016. Most of the that time is searching for online references numerous sources.

“It gets overwhelming, seeing all the open tabs of your sources then having to find all the info to cite them correctly.”

A fellow student researcher in his health policy class recommended a free app to help with research – memosnag.

“It just made everything about being a student easier.”

Instead of having dozens of tabs open at the same time with health care statistics, graphs, and articles, Brenden now only had to find a site, click one button, and it was automatically saved for him.

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He could then organize all of his sources and put them into any groups he liked. Not only that, but memosnag cites the sources for him, saving him the extra time of writing out his bibliography.

With memosnag, Brenden is now able to more effectively research and organize his thoughts before putting word to paper.

His only wish after using memosnag? That he knew about it sooner.

“This is something every student should be using.”

Check out his collection here:

Watch how memosnag helps students: