From the CEO: Why I snag

When my husband came up for the idea of memosnag and began working on building the product about two years ago, I 1) didn’t imagine that I’d be building memosnag the company two years later as CEO and 2) didn’t really know how I would use it.

I was pregnant at the time and frankly didn’t physically or mentally feel like learning anything other than what was baby related.

I clearly missed the point of memosnag at the time.

Now I realize that would have been the best way to capture the endless number of baby products I “thought” would be useful and perfect for our daughter. It would have been the perfect way to create a baby registry and plan out the items to put into the baby’s room (which ended up being our bedroom).

I look back now on the archived collections from the first few months of her life when I finally go the point. I created a collection of Winter Items for Baby since we were moving to Omaha, NE (aka “American Siberia”) 3 months after she was born seen here:

The cold weather here in Omaha put me into a nesting and cooking mood and I began food related collections like this one cooking yummies for my family:

And finally time came for my daughter’s first birthday and I did my planning using memosnag. The theme, the products, I captured it all in this collection:

These are a few of many ways you all are utilizing the product today.

Daily I’m using memosnag, snagging text and pages on how to be more effective with marketing, on companies that have built strong and loyal online communities, ways to improve the product and finally, what I’m going to cook for dinner when I get home.

Memosnag is a truly a tool for people who have a lot going on and need help organizing to get it done.

Please share YOUR story as to how you use memosnag with us.

Feel free to me email directly - - and let me know how memosnag helps you.

Peace & Love.


Cofounder and CEO