Riffing on a theme: Keeping it simple

The concept of memosnag is that your online research process is flawed and can be improved.

But are you really a failure if you have 20+ tabs open on your browser?

Screen Shot 2017-08-21

This is what my Chrome window looks like right now, inclusive of the blog I’m writing right now.

You might ask - why would the CEO of memosnag have such a messy browser? Doesn’t she use the product she evangelises?

Well, yes of course I do. If I didn’t I’d have another 30 tabs open.

What looks like disorganization here is aligned to managing the nearly 45 - 50 tasks, including research, that I execute within the day.

Sound familiar to you? I wouldn’t doubt many of you are juggling across email, texts, phone calls, (a notebook maybe), and social media communications at this very moment.

Face it. There are high expectations for all of us to be engaged and be engaging while getting being productive everyday, including weekends.

As mentioned in my previous blog, From the CEO: Why I snag, memosnag helps by allowing you to organize.

Even if you don’t recognize it, you are the CEO of you life, which at least includes organizing your own mess (no offense) but likely at least 2 - 3 other dependents.

Anything that helps you save time, and remembers what you thought was interesting, what you want to do, and what you have done, is worth giving a try.

And that's what memosnag does for me.

Here’s a view of my Gallery right now. Zucchini - it’s what’s for dinner. Tonight.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 9.59.36 AM