How memosnag helps you avoid a party planning fail

unobirthdayLast year at this time I was planning my daughter’s first birthday party.

I felt like I’d waited decades for this event and I was going to get it right.

I had been planning for a couple months. Using memosnag, I started by snagging the look I wanted for the party.

It was going to be a fiesta channeling Frida Kahlo, pinatas and the most authentic Mexican food I could find in Omaha, Nebraska.

While searching online I used memosnag to capture the imagery I wanted to recreate for the event. From the color palette, to thank you gifts, the cupcake stand, the bouncy house, and to the tacos we served, I was able to organize it all. It was the perfect tool to use as a brain dump of everything I was thinking and a great reference for vendors once I started setting it up.

Ultimately the party went off without a hitch - except for the rain. Sorry about that, baby girl.

This year, we are keeping it simple, but if you are trying to organize your ideas and need to see them visually in one place, memosnag is the perfect tool for that.

Check out the collection for this birthday party here: