How a real estate agent got an edge using a free app!

Jerry is an independent real estate agent specialized in corporate and government relocation, a growing niche of the lucrative real estate industry with particular needs and very demanding clients.

Corporate mergers, reorganizations, and job promotions fuel the need for companies to move employees from one location to another, around the country or the world. With dual careers, school-age children, and multigenerational households, moving can impact more than just the transferee.

Educating the transferee about the destination community, real estate market and schools is the most important benefit Jerry brings to the relocation client: “By helping them to transition smoothly into their new communities, I make the entire experience a little less stressful for transferees—and I often acquire a client for life in the process”.

The first step Jerry takes when a new client contacts him is to set up a video conference to find out what they are looking for: “I ask questions like what type of neighborhood they like to live in? How much commute are they are comfortable with? Do they have schools-age kids? How important is it to be close to downtown?”. This helps Jerry narrowing down the search to two or three neighborhoods. But the biggest challenge is the amount of information shared with clients, which is often overwhelming: “I used Emails and Google drive to keep the communication flowing, but when the information becomes a lot it is really hard for me and the clients to remain on the same page”.

Recently Jerry attended a trade show in New Orleans and discovered memosnag, a free application that turned out to be game changing for him but most importantly for his clients.

Memosnag drastically simplifies the research work by letting Jerry save whatever he comes across online with one click. Jerry uses memosnag to save craigslist ads, school district webpages, restaurant websites, neighborhood images and even any relevant YouTube video. Jerry then creates a collection of  all the information he saved for a client and shares it with them.

The client receives an invitation to view the collection via email. Once the client has accessed the collection she can comment, like or unlike each item saved by Jerry. The client can also use memosnag to save her own webpages, images, text and videos and can invite other people to view it and collaborate. It isn’t uncommon for client to re-share their house-search collection with relatives and friends and for them to join the search.

“Clients love the memosnag collections I create for them. The page layout is like twitter or Facebook, so most people are familiar with it from the get-go. Clients get excited when they get a notification that I added something to their collection and use memosnag to give me their opinion on the information I collect for them. This is invaluable for me, because it helps me better serving their needs and is great for the client because it gives them a single place where they can save, store and review all the information they need to make their final decision. Honestly, I could not imagine doing my job without memosnag anymore.”

Jerry was kind enough to share with us one of the collections he created for a client. You can see it here .

 “Referrals from clients skyrocketed because of how well taken care of my clients feel. It really comes down to memosnag and how it helps me communicating with them. And do you want to know the best part? It’s free!”.

You can create a memosnag account here. The plugin that lets you save online content with 1 click is available for Chrome and Firefox. The apps for iPhone and Android are also incredibly handy for clients because they can access their collection and information wherever they are.

Memosnag is free, making it a must-have application for real estate professionals that want to get an edge and provide outstanding service to their clients.

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