For the Teachers

I have been close to many teachers in my life.

Firstly, my mother, who taught middle school for over 20 years; 5 aunts and several close friends make up the brain trust of teacher that I know.

One thing I have no doubt of is the hard work and preparation required.

I’ve been on several Friday evening “decompression” phone calls with those of the profession and have heard most of them end with the goal of starting lesson plans for the next week.

I am not totally familiar with the process of lesson planning, but I do get that it is 1) required and 2) though one may have used one with success in the past, before reuse it requires some level of tweaking and revived inspiration.

When thinking about this, I do think to memosnag is being helpful in 1) gathering references such as lesson plan templates and ready to go lesson plans and 2) capturing out of the box ideas published online by other teachers on their successes.

I’ve seen some teachers use memosnag for these benefits.

I’d love to hear feedback from other teachers on how memosnag can be useful for lesson planning and other teaching activities.

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I know of a great tool teachers are using today - My Talented Teacher. Teachers work hard - we all know that, but sometimes they have to work outside of the classroom to make ends meet. Please also take a look at this great app and sign up!


Peace and Love