About Us

I’ve worked in tech for my entire career fresh out of college as a software QA (Quality Assurance) tester, then a Developer, a Product Executive and now CEO of memosnag.

I have to admit, I’ve never been a “internet” person. I’ve found the internet it to be a functional tool to get school work, “work” work, or business done more than a entertainment or social interaction tool.

Given that, it’s ironic that I went into advertising technology, which I see strictly as a vehicle to help industry sell to those fully engaged in the entertainment and social aspects of the internet, ultimately intended to separate them from their money after being influenced by advertisements.

Sorry, y’all it’s true. Brands spent over XXX in advertising to you via the internet last year. That’s not all bad, but it’s nice to sometimes be able to access and use information online without being a tool for revenue generation.

Internet users are either ignorant of this or reluctantly accept this paradigm as the cost of the experience of going online.

But what if the internet was different. What if it was designed not to make money off of users and their cookies (cookie what?), but instead was intently designed to compensate users for their attention and consideration.

memosnag has the vision to serve its users by letting them surf and snag in peace. Our chrome extension and Android and iPhone apps let you do just that while in the cloud and our desktop tool let’s you do this when no one is looking.

We aren’t trying to get into your business. We offer and are developing tools to enable your business – whatever it is.

We are a young company and greatly appreciate you – memosnaggers – who actively use and advocate our product.

Check out our blog where we are telling your stories of practical usage of memosnag.

Snag on.

Peace & Love