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Capture anything, anywhere

Students can capture articles, text, and images for their research papers and annotate thoughts related snags.

Teachers, faculty, and research assistants can gather research references, organize and share amongst colleagues and students. Capture white papers, abstracts, images with citations to the original source.

Parents and family snag holiday shopping wishlists.

DIYers snag how-tos, tools and products for their latest products.

Undergrads snag ideas for spring break.

All Gallery snags are accessible from any device and can be captured from online and offline sources.

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View snags in your Gallery and create your own notes

The Gallery showcases content captured from online and offline sources.

View the reference to the original citation, a URL back to the citation, author, and date snagged.

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Organize into Collections

Keeping snags organized is easy with Collections.

Drag and drop items into personal or shared Collections.

A Collection can be kept private, made public or shared with others by invitation. The creator of the Collection has full control over it and can update the privacy settings at any time.

When a Collection is shared or public, then others can engage with it by commenting, adding their own snags and like/unlike other users' snags.

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Share with classmates, teachers, colleagues, clients

Collaboration becomes easy with memosnag.

Forget about endless email threads with multiple ccs, group texts, or massive shared Google documents.

Simply share a collection with current memosnag users or invite new users via email.

If you friend is not a memosnag user, no problem.

Collections can be viewed without an account with anyone with a memosnag Collection URL.

Easy peasy.

"...You have a Tumblr to keep images that you like, but don't really have anything to do with. You use the
Pocket app to keep a feed of articles you want to read (eventually). You have a Google doc shared with
friends to list and discuss potential travel destinations. And for every website you shop on, you keep an
individual wish list of products you're considering buying."
Alexa Jaccarino, The Observer 27th April 2016